Election 2020

In 2020 four positions of the Board and two positions of the BCC needed be elected by the Members. Below you can get in touch with our nominees.

Voting Committee

  • Peter Kraume
  • Michael Stucki
  • Thomas Löffler

Result of the Board Election 2020

NomineeVotesVoting Period
Foucard, Rachel21.09% (186 Votes )elected until April 2022
Hinzer, Boris18.03% (159 Votes )elected until April 2022
Bolt Lesniak, Mathias16.33% (144 Votes )elected until April 2022
Veuve, Alain15.42% (136 Votes )elected until April 2022
van Westhreenen, Ric14.97% (132 Votes ) 
Motylewski, Tymoteusz14.17% (125 Votes ) 

Board Positions

The Board constitutes itself. We do have 8 Board Members and these positions:

  • President: Olivier Dobberkau
  • Vice President: Stefan Busemann
  • Treasurer: Alain Veuve
  • Secretary:Peter Kraume
  • Assessors: Petra Hasenau, Rachel Foucard , Boris Hinze, Mathias Bolt Lesniak

Result of the Business Control Committee Election 2020

NomineeVotesVoting Period
Weiland, Jochen57.89% (231 Votes )Elected until April 2022
Bachmann, Daniel42.11% (168 Votes )Elected until April 2022