Election 2024

In 2024, four positions on the Board and two positions on the Business Control Committee (BCC) will be newly elected. You can find out about all the candidates here.

Result of the Board Election 2024

NomineeVotesVoting Period
Busemann, Stefan36.33% (206 Votes )elected until 2026
Foucard, Rachel32.8% (186 Votes )elected until 2026
Hinzer, Boris30.86% (175 Votes )elected until 2026

Board Positions

The Board constitutes itself. We do have 7 Board Members and these positions:

  • President: Olivier Dobberkau
  • Vice President: Boris Hinzer
  • Treasurer: Stefan Busemann
  • Secretary: Susanne Moog
  • Assessors: Petra Hasenau, Tymoteusz Motylewski, Thomas Marroschick

Result of the Business Control Committee Election 2024

NomineeVotesVoting Period
Schmitt, Ingo46.17% (193 Votes )Elected until 2026
Weiland, Jochen53.83% (225 Votes )Elected until  2026

Candidates for the Board Election

Candidates for the BCC election