Candidates for 2022 BCC election

Ingo Schmitt

About Me

My name is Ingo Schmitt (born 1974), I'm living with my family in Neukrichen-Vluyn, Germany (Near to the Dutch boarder). 

I'm managing partner at Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH (MFC), Düsseldorf, Germany. As a developer I'm working with TYPO3 since 2003. During the last 30 years I have voluntarily spent quite a lot of spare time in non-profit organizations ("eingetragene Vereine" in Germany). I can bring into the BBC my knowledge of organizing and controlling projects in non-profit organizations, my experiences in managing at MFC and the knowledge of the differences in bookkeeping for companies and non-profit organizations. I'm Member of the BCC since 2011 and want to continue the work, I do have a personal Bronze Membership as well as MFC ist currently Gold Member.

Besides TYPO3 I do like sailing in the summer and ice hockey in the winter.

My motivation

By the years the combined Budget of the Association and the GmbH have grown quite a lot. We need to adjust the workflows and have to create distributed responsibilities to handle this. I want to help to find the best processes for the Association in terms of the business needs and the members.

Additionally I want to keep the work of the BCC in a stable team.



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