Candidates for BCC Election 2021

Daniel Fau

About me

The most obvious: I am the managing director and founder of DFAU GmbH. I have worked in advertising and publishing since 2000, which I feel gives me the ability to address and relate to the needs of these businesses which are TYPO3s main target groups. Professionally, I started using TYPO3 in 2006, which has allowed me to witness the growth in the development of the technology and the community that supports it. Over the years, my career has gone from being self employed, to managing a small company to now; leading the company that is the culmination of both my professional development and my commitment to the TYPO3 community. Having a passion for SMB and the scaling effects of good software is what drives me. I also believe in pragmatism, efficiency and service with no strings attached. And I am always keen to discuss any of these topics at any TYPO3-Event and I will try to attend as many as possible.

I live in a small village that is part of Fürth near Nuremberg with my wife and dog, here I enjoy sports, local food and drinks. And one day soon, I will have the title of nobility entered on my passport! Nobility purchased by my friends as a birthday present made possible due to our proximity to a former castle.

My motivation

Much like any other member of the TYPO3 Association we are highly dependent on the innovative development, communication and organization of the TYPO3 community. Focusing more and more on strategic work in my daily routine, I'm very interested and motivated to keep TYPO3 committed to these attributes.

Currently, I’m already fulfilling a monitoring role with my involvement in regional initiatives for the digital industry and those that I perform for my own company and I definitely welcome the opportunity to further expand my responsibilities. Having a fundamental interest in getting OSS expanded further, I am convinced I can provide a meaningful contribution to the BCC. And by committing to being present at a lot of TYPO3-Events I'm sure I can help by listening to the community and building trust in this great collective organization that provides us with both our livelihood and inspiration.

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