Candidates for BCC Election 2021

Roberto Torresani

About me

I am Roberto Torresani and I'm living in Trento. I'm using TYPO3 since 2004 and I'm one of the most active members of the Italian community. In 2010 I organized the first event in Italy on TYPO3: T3Camp Italia. I organized four edition of the event, with the help of other people, and I was in contact with many people using TYPO3 in Italy (70 people attended in the 2012 edition in Bologna).

Last year I was present with one TYPO3 stand to the Italian Web Marketing Festival with more of 4000 partecipants.

I'm an elected member of BCC since 2013 and during this period I knews better the activities of the international TYPO3 Association.

My motivation

I started using TYPO3 several years ago and slowly I approached the Association and many activities promoted by them. I have always believed in the idea of sharing, putting myself at the forefront of spreading the CMS in Italy. In the years in which I was a member of the BCC I have known various deeper aspects of the Association and various mechanisms that allow it to be a reference point for many. 

I'm convinced that I can and want to dedicate more time to allow the Association to grow and evolve over time. The verification and mapping of what moves in a company's financial flows has characterized my work in many aspects. Activities that over time must adapt to changes and to which I can actively contribute.

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