Candidates for BCC Election 2021

Edward Lenssen

About me

My name is Edward Lenssen, founder and CEO of Beech. I live and work in Venlo, The Netherlands, at walking distance from the German border near Düsseldorf. I've been using TYPO3 since 2004 and in 2017 I became a certified TYPO3 consultant and editor. 

At Beech we build complex online platforms (TYPO3) and software (mainly Laravel & Angular) for national and international stock listed companies. 
We love contributing to TYPO3 and inspiring people to share. In 2013 we launched the yearly TYPO3 camp Venlo. Then, with the help of a great team, we organized T3DD14 in Eindhoven. And I'm proud that Beech was the very first worldwide TYPO3 partner of the former TYPO3 GmbH partner program. Beech developers have contributed to TYPO3 core and extensions and have created their own open source extensions and connectors to external systems like Mautic and Bynder.

My motivation

I have been a member of the international TYPO3 community for a long time. I would like to use my international experience inside and outside of the TYPO3 community to expand TYPO3 even more outside of the DACH region.

At Beech we constantly improve our processes in a practical way with agile working methods. I believe in smooth flowing processes, without complex or unnecessary steps. I would love helping the Association provide this for their members and users.

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