Candidates for 2022 board election

Mathias Bolt Lesniak

About Me

I live outside of Oslo, Norway, with my Kiwi wife and two kids. I have a passion for open source and TYPO3 (since 2003), web writing, and communication. I am a certified TYPO3 integrator and consultant. I have experience with NGOs and social initiatives, both locally and internationally, and I love cross-country skiing.

My day job is at Pixelant, where I work with development, sales, and much more — always the TYPO3 evangelist.

My motivation

During the last few years we have laid the foundation for growth. I hoping to be able to continue to strengthen the TYPO3 Association's communication and work to increase TYPO3 adoption world-wide.

I will continue to build TYPO3's image as a best-practice open source project. I believe technical features are important, but it's far from the only good thing about our CMS! We have a strong democracy and community focus. For developing countries who are looking for digital transition, we offer a solution that can grow local business and increase financial independence. Open source projects are also civil society organization and central to democracy building. This greater perspective should be a talking-point in every TYPO3 sales conversation.

We have a great community, but as we grow, we can't rest on our laurels. The last couple of years have seen a fall in contribution, and it is essential to make sure every new contributor feels welcome.

I am proud to have been part in creating our new, shorter, and clearer code of conduct. I visit events with the goal to be a friendly and approachable representative of the TYPO3 Association and to help create a good atmosphere. I hope to be able to continue and develop that work.

Last year, Apress released the TYPO3 Guidebook. I took part in the planning and creation behind the scenes. The book is a part of the goal to not only attract more agencies, but to make sure everyone can find their way and be convinced to join the TYPO3 universe. The book is not just about using TYPO3, but about how to create a good open source agency.

Nobody can do this job alone, and I am very thankful to everyone who has collaborated with me to reach (and get closer to) the TYPO3 Association's goals over the last few years. We have laid a strong foundation during Covid, and I am hoping for renewed trust to continue the work we have started.



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