Candidates for 2022 board election

Rachel Foucard

About Me

I learned how to develop my first websites with TYPO3 in 2005. I co-created a TYPO3 web agency with my husband in France in 2009. I am active member of the French TYPO3 committee since its creation, I became the head of this team in 2016. I organize French events like the TYPO3 Camp Nantes every year, to keep the French TYPO3 community growing. I work with the wonderful Structured Content Initiative team since 2019, and I founded the the UX Initiative that I now lead. I joined the TYPO3 board two years ago and participated in the events committee, the GA organization, the budget, or in product strategy and innovation workshops. I am tenacious but open-minded. I am quite optimistic. I say what I think. Consistency and teamwork are important values for me.

My motivation

The last two years have been special with the Corona, and I wish I could have pushed more topics. Being a board member requires to be resilient and passionnate to build a long-term strategy all together with the TYPO3 Company. It also requires to take courageous decisions because our world is changing and we must adapt to it. The TYPO3 community is special to me, because it builds its own "system" on the foundations of the Open Source philosophy, and goes even further. The balance between the professionalism of TYPO3 Company and the natural resources of the Open Source community is a unique and precious asset. I want to take care of it, and make sure that not only will the TYPO3 project continue to progress, but will also adapt to the changing times. This is my motivation, this is my fuel!

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