Candidates for 2023 board election

Petra Hasenau

About Me

I started my way in the TYPO3 Association in the EAB (Expert Advisory Board) back in the day, became a board member and am now Vice President of the TYPO3 Association.
I am a member of the Ombudsperson group, the TYPO3 Academic Committee and a board member of the CMS Garden.

Before Corona, I organized T3UXW (TYPO3 User Experience Week) and TYPO3 Initiative Week several times and organized the first ever crowdfunding for a TYPO3 extension (with great success).

Since 2009 I am managing director of cybercraft GmbH, a family business with my husband Jo. A 100% TYPO3 company offering TYPO3 coaching, support, upgrades, rescue service, SLA's, maintenance of TYPO3 extensions. We work among others with a network of selected TYPO3 freelancers who know their craft.

I am mother of two charming, creative children (boy and girl).
I love cooking, especially the taste and smell of fresh ingredients and herbs. (Fun fact: my kids convinced me to start my own cooking channel on YouTube. Now they know where to find our family recipes 
I love my dog, reading and growing plants, ....

Getting to the point is a challenge I have accepted....  ... And empathy is another part of me.

My motivation

My motivation is the great TYPO3 community, consisting of coders, designers, project managers, marketing people, UXers, editors and many more.
It is important to bring different perspectives into the TYPO3 Association. 
As a non-programmer, but married to and working with one, with many years of experience from industry and family business, and also from a female perspective, I can contribute.

I look forward to seeing you.



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