Candidates for 2023 board election

Tymoteusz Motylewski

About Me

I've been in the TYPO3 Community for over 13 years already. 

During this time I was contributing in many ways to the TYPO3 ecosystem:

  • as a conference speaker,
  • as an extension author,
  • as a core contributor and Core Team member,
  • as a Strategy Team/Product Team member,
  • improving documentation with a new search engine,
  • building the International TYPO3 Mentorship Program,
  • delivering TYPO3 services and leading an agency,
  • the web strategy for the Government of Rwanda.

I recently opened TYPO3 to new markets/appliances by leading the TYPO3 Headless Initiative and building an ecosystem around it.

I'm a husband and father of four, love to sail and hike in my free time.

My motivation

Being part of the TYPO3 board I would like to help the TYPO3 ecosystem grow. I see how great potential TYPO3 has both in the traditional and new markets. My broad experience from coding to leading a company allows me to understand the technical and business worlds and I'm sure it will help shape a successful strategy for TYPO3.



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