Candidates for 2023 board election

Thomas Maroschik

About Me

Thomas is the CTO of DFAU GmbH. He started working with TYPO3 in 2004, when he was still back in school. In 2008 he visited the Developer Days for the first time and was instantly hooked with the community. So much, that he hosted the Developer Days twice in his hometown Nuremberg in 2015 and 2016. He became part of the TYPO3 Core Team, a role he had to give up in 2018 as personal priorities shifted. Since the beginning he has been a technology evangelist in the community and his company, advocating for out of the box and first principles thinking.

My motivation

As the board of the TYPO3 Association is rethinking the vision, mission, and purpose of the TYPO3 project, it could strongly benefit in its endeavor of nearly 20 years of my experience in web technology, architecture, systems thinking and running a TYPO3 based agency for 16 years. Since my first appearance in the TYPO3 community, I am a fiery advocate for getting things done (especially decisions!) in countless talks, meetings and sprints with the leaders of the CMS. As a board member, I want to bring all my traits to the table. To be a link between the product development and the association strategy. To aid the project in its success. To keep TYPO3 relevant to the world.



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