Candidates for Board Election

Mathias Bolt Lesniak

Nomination for: Board

About me: I live outside of Oslo, Norway, with my Kiwi wife and two kids. I have a passion for TYPO3 (since 2003), web writing, and communication. I am a certified TYPO3 integrator, consultant, and editor. I have experience with NGOs and social initiatives, both locally and internationally, and I love cross country skiing.

My day job is at Pixelant, where I work with development, sales, project management, and much more—always the TYPO3 evangelist.

My motivation: For the last few years, I have been active in the TYPO3 Association Board, with communication as a special focus. This has strengthened my appreciation of the role every single individual plays in the TYPO3 community. Even the smallest contribution is important, and I have therefore put emphasis on making it easier to contribute (especially for non-coders) and building supporting structures for them.

To continue TYPO3's growth, we must build both a strong Company and a strong Association. Both have important roles, and they have to find the best way to support each other.

As TYPO3 adoption grows outside of Central Europe, the members at the edges of the map become more important. They are the pillars supporting the growth, and I would like to strengthen our connection to them. 

Improving onboarding experience and beginner support is important. By being a truly not-for-profit organization with a strong democracy, the TYPO3 Association and Company is in a unique position to assist local business growth and entrepreneurship worldwide. Even if this means shifting the focus away from the CMS' home ground in the DACH region, it is vital to the long-term health of TYPO3 and the community.

Questions? Feel free to email me at mathias.bolt.lesniak(at)