Candidates for Board Election

Rachel Foucard

Nomination for: Board

About me:
How I met and liked TYPO3.

I learned how to develop my first websites directly with TYPO3 in 2005, and even though I have had the opportunity to study and test other products on the market, TYPO3 has always been my favourite. I want to keep it that way, and to achieve this, I am convinced that I should stay active.
What I am doing today for TYPO3
I co-created a TYPO3 web agency in France in 2009. Since then I has continued to convert clients and evangelize others. Active member of the French TYPO3 committee since its creation, I became the head of this team in 2016. I organize French events like the TYPO3 Camp Nantes every year, to keep the French TYPO3 community growing. I Co-lead the "Structured Content" initiative since 2019.
Who am I
I am tenacious but open-minded. I am quite optimistic. I say what I think. Consistency and teamwork are important values for me.

My motivation: 
Even if I know that TYPO3 is not the most favorite CMS in France I know that it deserves it and I want to do my best to make it so.
I also discovered the world of Open Source through TYPO3, it's an important part of my crush. TYPO3 is not only a product, it is also an enthusiastic, dynamic, brilliant and very reliable community. I love the way this organization has transformed itself to adapt to the changes over the last 5 years.If you have any questions, please use the commenting section below.