Candidates for 2022 board election

Olivier Dobberkau

About me

My name is Olivier Dobberkau, and I am currently holding the TYPO3 Association President and Chairman of the Board. Hereby I nominate myself for re-election. In the last years, I was working in different areas with my colleagues on the Board and in the Management of the TYPO3 Association.

Some twenty years ago, I founded the TYPO3 Agency dkd Internet Service GmbH in Frankfurt. Where I am responsible for research and development. Many of you know me for my participation in the Apache Solr for TYPO3 extension development.

In my free time, I support my local soccer team and like to travel.

Your motivation

I am truly convinced by open-source. It has proven to be the best way to collaborate on complex problems and their solution. Within the TYPO3 Community, we have achieved a good understanding of open-source and how we can progress together. 

Lastly, I was involved in the community expansion committee to explore how we can bring TYPO3 to other parts of the world. One of my personal goals is to improve the way members can join the TYPO3 Association's work. I would love to see our membership base reflect the different users of TYPO3: Agencies, Freelancers. Companies. State Organisations and more. The TYPO3 Association Membership should become something natural for each one in our Community.

Another goal of mine is to help develop TYPO3 further in native cloud computing nativeness. This is, in my eyes, a required step for the continuation of TYPO3 success. It's my biggest wish to maintain TYPO3 as relevant and future-proof as possible. This is the foundation of the health of our TYPO3 Community.

I will also support all of the Teams in the TYPO3 community to achieve their goals and build bridges between them, our members, and others involved. Last year I initiated the TYPO3 Innovation call to offer a way to discuss and implement technological ideas to become an initiative and a product team.

I would be pleased to receive your vote and promise you to have an open ear for your ideas and feedback.

Yours sincerely, 

Olivier Dobberkau

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