Candidates for 2022 board election

Patrick Gaumond

About me

For the last 3 years, I have been the technical lead for the official website of Québec's Government in Canada. Qué is probably the most visited TYPO3 website in North America, reaching more than 180 million pages views in 2020. I have been promoting TYPO3 since 2003 by doing local user groups meetings, giving conferences in Texas, California and in Germany. I was also the host and organiser of the T3CON North America conference in 2012. I build guitar effects as a hobby and play my own music. I have two young adult kids, two cats and a fantastic girlfriend.

My motivation

Having been active in the community on both side of the Atlantic for more than 15 years and being Canadian, I feel I could bring a different perspective to a project I have at heart.

TYPO3 promotes values that I cherish: Respect and sharing knowledge. I am very easy to work with because I know how to listen and give my opinion without the need to win arguments at all cost. I've trained over 300 TYPO3 editors over the years and have patience and empathy to bring back the point of view of someone freshly interested in TYPO3. I want to promote our product, its community and our values to more people of different backgrounds and interests.

Finally, I think I should give back to the project with my time and passion. As a "non-coder", joining the Board would be a way to continue my implication and bring it to a higher level to serve and expand the community.

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