Candidates for 2022 board election

Ric van Westhreenen

About me

Ric van Westhreenen is a hands-on, pragmatic, and getting things done manager, working in the midst between the business and IT. 

Having his internet agency for almost twenty years which solely used TYPO3 as CMS of choice, he sold his company in 2013. Since then, he became an independent consultant in the roles of a supervisory board member, product manager, product owner, and vice-president of various organizations as the TYPO3 GmbH and the TYPO3 Association.

One of his last roles is as product owner Digital Lifestyle at T-Mobile in The Netherlands: a company with 6.000 digital workplaces. At this company, he is responsible for the digital workplace strategy and roll-out of multiple projects.

My motivation

We are in the midst of an enormous transformation of how people work. TYPO3 is a product that forms the basis of intensified communication that keeps people connected while working in a more hybrid form (working from home or the office, or even from remote). 

I am an independent thinker, not linked to an agency. Due to my work in the past decades, I have a vast knowledge of proprietary software and open-source competitors.

I also know from firsthand experience how companies - small and large - think while selecting a solution. 

As such, I bring valuable experience to the table able to get the TYPO3 Association as organisation further to help improve us and the association's goals: education, events, knowledge sharing and fostering the trademark.

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