Candidates for 2022 board election

Peter Kraume

About Me

I’m a TYPO3 integrator and developer based in Munich, Germany, and already a member of the Board for six years. During this time, I oversaw the creation of the TYPO3 company and the transformation of EAB and Board into a single entity. As a member of the Board, I mainly take care of administrative tasks.

As one of the founders of the TYPO3camp Munich, co-organizer of the Munich TYPO3 User Group, and visitor of numerous TYPO3 events I always try to capture the mood of the TYPO3 community and use it as a basis for my work on the Board.

My motivation

Since 2005 TYPO3 plays an important part in my life and my commitment to various parts of the TYPO3 project is my way of giving back.

Inspire people to share - that's one of the pillars of the TYPO3 project and community. By bringing people together and enable them to work together I'd like to foster that motto.

Through TYPO3 I have met so many great and wonderful people who made me a better person. As a member of the Board, I’d like to add my experience from the day-to-day work with TYPO3. Furthermore, I’d like to continue my work on answering the various inquiries to and supporting the Board on different administrative topics.

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